JSK Packaging was founded in 2011 to meet the packaging needs of individuals and corporations in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Toowoomba. We create, manufacture, and deliver planet sustainability packaging solutions to the FMCG, groceries, and food service industries, all supplied with the degree of high quality services you’d expect from a kinship business like ours. We’ve captured up with the trends technology and processes to facilitate that all of our items are of superior quality. Takeaway food containers, carry bags, napkins, industrial packaging, and hygiene supplies including hand gloves, cleaning chemicals, and paper products are all core components of our product offerings. We currently serve prominent restaurants, cafés, departmental stores, and hospices in or around the countryside of Queensland, courtesy to our satisfactory customer-oriented services and self esteem gained over the years.

How we make a difference?

We generate a sense of responsibility through design, allowing you to select from a wide diversity of products while also supporting your community thru the environmentally friendly packaging. Our duty is to ensure our future by taking into account all of your individual environmental victories and packaging requisites. We innovate packaging for the circular economy via designing and producing to allocation. The absorption of paleontological plastic is curtailed by embracing regenerative and recycled plant-based raw materials and leveraging the circular economy, encouraging future generations to proliferate and flourish in a healthier environment.

  • Resources are seized, transformed, utilized, and disposed of properly.
  • Prioritize one’s operations and be aware of waste minimization.
  • Biodegradable, ecological, and recyclable packaging.

We provide Customised Packaging


Every day, we reinvent packaging to make a positive, long-term, and credible difference for your health and environment. We are motivated by our desire to gain knowledge and expertise in order to make people’s lives healthier, better, and safer.


We foresee a community where packaging yields the best benefit to the individuals while having the least detrimental effect on the environment.